Every child left behind.


This is the unofficial CC site.  It describes how a once-great 

school was reduced to educational ashes in just two years. 

It will also showcase how the most dedicated and fantastic  families 


regrettably pulled their awesome children out of a spiritually and physically dangerous environment, and how those families were replaced by anyone who could pay tuitionLastly, it will explain why the rebbi/teacher/menahel turnover rate was incredibly high in these past two years.  



Caution:  Sending your child to the Clifton Cheder could be extremely dangerous to their spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being.  Understand that your child will be exposed to concepts and words that will shock you.  Your child will not receive a secular or Jewish education.  Whatever midos tovos they learn at home, will be negated by what they experience in school.  Please speak to a Gadol before making any final decision that could have a devastating impact on your child's spiritual and physical life.


Welcome to the Clifton Cheder — where we frustrate your child. We are not about an education. We DO NOT teach Middos Tovos. We admit any child, with any type of dysfunction or emotional issue. We are not equipped to help them, but we need the tuition. We have small classes because our best families left in the past two years, and very few parent's are registering here this year.  And so we double up most of our classes. It doesn't matter, since neither class is learning anything anyway.  Forget about getting your child into any yeshiva high school - let alone "the finest yeshivos," as the .org site proclaims.  And the bigger lie is the .org proclamation of a "beautiful combination of a superior (illusions of grandeur perhaps?) yedias haTorah, refined middos, and a love of learning."  Who are they kidding?!  Start with their board of thugs headed by the Russian Mafia, and you'll get an inkling of what is transpiring at the Clifton Cheder.


Mark Twain once quipped, "If you want a good education, stay out of school."  We believe the Clifton Cheder is the perfect example of the school Mark Twain had in mind when he wrote that famous quote. If you want to expose your child to a totally dysfunctional atmosphere, then we are the school for you!  Just visit us any time of the day. Don't call for an appointment. Just walk in and you'll be shocked at the noise level, the chaos, and the absolute and total lack of Derch Eretz that the Cheder represents.  Don't forget your ear plugs! 
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We have the tools for failure!
Message from our Menahel — who is actually no longer the Menahel, since he was terminated (very long story there); and the board can't find someone (qualified) willing to step into a school that has acquired such a horrible reputation.  But don't worry, there will be a new board soon (number eight in eight years - we believe) that will carry on the search for a third Menahel in as many years.  Rabbi Mandel, we miss you!
"Our Heiligeh Kinder could not be in a worse environment to frustrate them. I'm so busy borrowing money that I don't have time for them. The board of directors has me coming and going. And the teachers just aren't performing. Perhaps it's because we tried to cut their salaries by over one-third in the middle of the year (contract? that's a goyishe word), based on the board insisting that we hire less expensive teachers (not more than $5.00 a pound!). Or perhaps I shouldn't have allowed all the new problem kids to become part of the Cheder. I accepted anyone!  The board told me not to do that, but after all, they are all Heiligeh Kinder! I can't stop saying that  it sounds so good. And it brings in so many new children (who have been in six different schools in as many years), whose parents are fooled by my warm marketing!  But ultimately, we really destroyed this place.  But it's not my fault. I wasn't a great first grade Rebbi, but somehow I was promoted to a position for which I am not merely ill-suited but rather, positively damaging! But it was nice being a Heiligeh Menahel while it lasted!  I had my own Heiligeh secretary who scheduled endless five minute meetings and three minute phone calls for me that accomplished nothing, since I ignore anyone who tries to take me to task for my failures. That's right! I have no real midos. I just ignored them! Or I just stared at them.  Besides, I was so busy! So busy, in fact, that I didn't even have a moment for the Heiligeh teachers. Or even for the Heiligeh students."